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Private Dining at your Airbnb or Mine

Unique and exclusive private dining.

This is truly a unique and exclusive experience. We design a custom menu for you based on your own personal prefernces and dietary restrictions. We can come and start preparing while you are still out enjoying your time in Icelane. We then have it ready for you at your AirBnb, or mine, when you get home for dinner.*

We will prepare an Icelandic feast for your group, using uniquely Icelandic ingredients. Savor your meal in the comfort of your own accommodation. No fermented shark or sheep´s heads. We are all about enjoyment and enriching your time in Iceland. The meal is more than just dinner. It is an experience where we share stories of Iceland´s rich and fraught history as well as insight into daily life on this island of 350,000 people. 

* To take advantage of this offer at my Airbnb, you also need to stay a minimum of 1-night. To learn more, please send us a mail: 

Check out my Airbnb, located just about an hour north of Reykjavik, in picturesque Skorradalur. 

Get in touch

Send us a brief message and we will get back in touch with you within 48 hours.

Your vision matters to us. We work together with you to create an occasion that perfectly aligns with what you imagine.