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The Best of Icelandic Food


My relationship with Iceland began more than two decades ago when I married an Icelander. Over the years, I have discovered that every meal in Iceland unveils its rich history, culture, and enduring spirit of its people.

At Bitesized Iceland, we invite you on a journey filled with exceptional flavors, resourceful use of ingredients that were often scarce and not always fresh. Delve into Iceland’s disctinctive preparation methods, its reliance on limited seasonal ingredients and the influence on its cuisine from other countries. Discover Iceland, yesterday and today through the joy of food and drink.

Not all food tours are created equal. Our tours are geared towards those who seek a genuine connection with Reykjavik and Iceland. Elevate your journey with us, where every bite is a step into the heart of Iceland’s rich heritage. Discover, savor, and indulge – because the finest travel memories are best made on a full stomach.

Join us to discover, connect and experience Iceland through the joy of food!

Hi! I am Sabrina.

I love eating and sharing food with others. I have lived abroad for more than 20 years in New York City, Spain, Hungary, Denmark and Iceland. I have a passion for eating, cooking and travel. 

Finding new and delicious things to eat is one of the best parts about traveling to a new place. I have found that food is the fastest way to connect to locals and understand their culture and history.

Don’t miss out on enriching your trip to Iceland with insight into its food and its people on one of our culinary experiences.  



Expertly curated food tours and culinary experiences.

All historical facts and cultural insights are fact checked by Icelandic scholars. 

Food Hub

Providing unforgettable culinary experiences in Iceland.

The ultimate destination in Icelandic cuisine. Enhance your travels by savoring Icelandic food and connecting to its culture.


Each tour is as exceptional and distinctive as the country itself. 

Accomodating each customer’s own preferences. Deep dive into culture, history and daily life. 

Want to Know More?

Get in touch! Whether you’re looking for a private food tour, a private dining experience, cooking class or team building event, we are here to create a truly remarkable and unfogettable culinary experience!